Episode 00 – Introducing #forestproud podcast series










The #forestproud Podcast is back! We have a new host (Don Jackson, The Raven Media Group) and a
new format. For 2018 we have 4 series planned focused on a range of issues affecting our
forests. These series will run for a couple of weeks so that we can really dig in on the issues
from multiple perspectives. New episodes will drop every Monday starting April 9.
In addition to the weekly series, our Executive Director (Will Novy-Hildesley) will dive in once a
month on a separate interview. Some topics may be related to the weekly series, and some
may not. This is our chance to talk all things #forestproud and introduce you to just how diverse
the community that cares for our forests really is.

For more #forestproud action, follow us on social @forestproud.

GUEST: Will Novy-Hildesley, #forestproud
HOSTED BY: Don Jackson – The Raven Media Group