01: Oregon Department of Forestry | The Front Lines


Jana Peterson | Oregon Department of Forestry | Episode 01: The Front Lines

We kick off our 9-week series on wildfire jumping right into the deep end. We talk about what it’s like being on the front lines of a wildfire, what the ‘off season’ looks like, and what the challenges – and opportunities – look like being a female in a male dominated profession.

Jana is a stewardship forester and wildland firefighter with the Oregon Department of Forestry. Born and raised in a small town in Eastern Oregon, she developed a love for the outdoors at a young age. After high school, Jana went to Oregon State University where she received her bachelors of science degree in forest management with a minor in wildland fire management in 2011. While in college, Jana worked summers as a seasonal firefighter. In 2012, Jana got a limited duration job as a field forester which has since led to a permanent job as a stewardship forester. Jana says she has been blessed that her passion for forestry and firefighting that has led to a job where she’s happy to go to work every day.  

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