Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The NAFP Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis, via three conference calls and one in-person meeting.

Directors are responsible for:

  • Guiding and supporting NAFP’s strategic mission and purpose;
  • Supporting NAFP’s Executive Director and reviewing his/her performance as appropriate;
  • Supporting the growth of NAFP’s leadership pool through recruitment for the Board,
  • Ensuring that NAFP has adequate resources to achieve its mission;
  • Ensuring that resources are managed effectively and in accordance with all applicable laws
  • and requirements;
  • Engaging in strategic organizational planning and assessment;
  • Ensuring that NAFP’s strategic goals are met as identified;
  • Conducting succession planning; and
  • Assessing its own performance.

Directors should:

  • Be prepared for and present at Board meetings, having read materials and prepared to
  • participate;
  • Be sensitive to conflicts of interest, legal and practical;
  • Question any appearance of conflict of interest by a Director or staff;
  • Obtain advice from NAFP staff, attorney, auditor or fellow Directors regarding any conflict
  • situation or information provided to the Board which the Director does not understand;
  • Be sensitive to NAFP’s financial affairs and fiduciary concerns; and
  • Comply with and ensure compliance with NAFP’s Records Retention Policy.

Directors should not:

  • Abuse their positions to obtain benefits or favors not available to other Members;
  • Ask staff or vendors to make exceptions or bend the rules for them;
  • Trade on information available to Directors not available to other Members;
  • Bid on NAFP business unless bidding is open to competition to the membership generally;
  • Seek to reward friends or associates with NAFP business in return for direct or indirect
  • economic advantages; and
  • Vote on NAFP transactions in which they have a personal economic interest.


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