Governance & Investment

The table (below) summarizes the partnership’s investment tiers and their governance implications. This table is a starting point to help potential and existing Partners consider appropriate commitment levels.

We recommend existing and potential partners have an annual conversation with the partnership’s Executive Director and/or Board Chair to discuss their investment and appropriate participation in the partnership.

Please note the following:

  • Diverse representation is fundamental to The partnership’s value proposition. Representation on the Board, Executive Committee, Strategy Team and Communications Committee are adjusted annually with Board approval to remain consistent to the partnership’s diversity.
  • Governance Participation - The partnership will maintain a diverse, representative Board composed of 22 members. Board members will be rotated annually through an Executive Committee of 6 partners. A Strategy Team of 12 and a Communications Committee of 15 will be proposed annually by the Executive Director for refinement and approval by the Governance & Finance Committee (and subsequently the full Board). The primary role of the Strategy Team is to inform and develop an annual Content Strategy shared with the Board. The primary role of the Communications Committee is to inform and review the direction and detail of content in production, ensuring it is consistent with the platform’s purpose and partner interests. All Partners are invited to participate in monthly Partner calls for updates on strategy and content reviews.
  • Investment - Five tiers of investment are proposed for 2019: Sponsor, Partner, Investor, Affiliate and Friend. Each tier has a minimum investment requirement. Board participation is optional. Board seats will be balanced as follows: Sponsors and Partners, 10 seats, Investors and Affiliates 8 seats, Friends 4 seats. To ensure diversity and participation of a breadth of representative forest sector stakeholders, Friends may either be sponsored by the partnership or help secure other investments as part of the annual investment process (‘give or get’).
  • Introductory Year Investments - To test the benefits of participation, new investors (2019 and beyond) may invest for up to two years at one tier below their appropriate tiered level.
  • Content Strategy & Content Production - Sponsors will be able to work with staff to provide featured content for a video production. Sponsors and Partners may request specific employee initiatives (e.g. on-site training, consultation, or materials). The #forestproud team will work with all Sponsors, Partners, Investors & Affiliates to develop individual annual communications strategies.

Investment Tiers

Tier Description  Investment Board Seats
Sponsor Corporate Sponsors, Foundations & Federal Agencies $100K + 10
Partner Businesses & Foundations 

(revenues/ holdings above $500M)

Investor Businesses, Foundations & Large National Associations 

(revenues/ holdings below $500M)

$25K 8
Affiliate Non-profits 

(annual funding above $10M)

Friend All Other Partners $1K 4

February 2019

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