Moving the Needle

I. Our Value Proposition 

We have an ambitious, but simple mission: Build trust and support to manage, harvest, conserve and play in North America’s forests in ways that address key societal challenges.

Via the #forestproud platform, the North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) delivers original content designed to accomplish this mission and build trust and support for, and pride in, the forest sector. Partners inform and subscribe to this content to:

  1. build pride in their employees, making them more effective & vocal ambassadors;
  2. attract new and diverse talent to enter into the workforce; and
  3. communicate the relevance of the sector to policymakers.

II. What’s the Return on Investment (ROI) 

We are the most diverse coalition aligned to share the story of the forest sector. Every partner brings a unique perspective and capacity to address the challenges we’re facing be it conservation and climate-change, fighting wildfire, rethinking our carbon future, reimagining cities, or highlighting the importance of strong markets and an even stronger workforce.

These are the stories we are in the business of sharing.

We capture and frame these stories in a compelling way not done before by the sector and pair it with robust digital strategy for distribution to key audiences. Currently, this story is now reaching a million people every month, on average, and does not include distribution by NAFP members, whose organic reach exceeds 11  million people.

With this strategy - backed by 12 months of consistent metrics – we’ve demonstrated that we can work with partners to position the sector as an overwhelmingly positive and relevant force in addressing these challenges, and more. To this end, we think of ROI at three levels:

In the short term, we’re helping mobilize the existing workforce as proud, vocal ambassadors of their organizations and the sector. In the medium term, we’re helping reshape job seekers’ association with the sector from one of creating problems, to one of having a positive environmental impact and providing solutions. In the long term, we’re working as a diverse, authentic collective voice to reframe how people and decision-makers perceive the role and relevance of the sector as providing solutions to pressing societal challenges.

II. The Platform + The Partnership | Is it Working?

In 2018, we started the year with clear directives: 1) Deliver a consistent supply of compelling content, 2) produce a comprehensive metrics dashboard to measure progress, and 3) refine our content development process to make sure it is transparent, effective, and efficient. We have delivered on these goals and continue to expand membership while generating reach, awareness, and genuine engagement.

At the end of Q2, we have shot video footage for 5 complete feature videos. We have a further 6 videos in development. We’ve created 35 video fast facts, and had drafted and sent more than 470 social posts across our platforms.


2019 GOAL Q1 – 2019 Q2 – 2019

Fans + Followers

10,000 6,153

62% of 2019 Goal


79% of 2019 Goal



15,000,000 2,209,924

15% of 2019 Goal


36% of 2019 Goal


Likes, Comments, Shares

100,000 13,536

14% of 2019 Goal


51% of 2019 Goal


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