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2021 Earth Day Pledges We Love

North Face

By 2025, 100 percent of its top materials used will come from recycled, regenerative or renewable sources

Why we love it:  Recycled, regenerative, and renewable = forests and forest products. 

Ninja Tune and Beggars Group

The two indie label groups – which house imprints like Big Dada and Technicolour, and Matador, Rough Trade, XL Recordings, and Young (formerly known as Young Turks) respectively – announced their pledge to go carbon neutral by 2024

Why we love it: Offsetting and reducing carbon emissions means investing in forests and forest solutions. 

HP, Inc.

In advance of Earth Day 2021, HP set ambitious climate action goals including: carbon neutrality and zero waste by 2025 as well as net-zero deforestation. 

Why we love it: Deforestation isn’t an issue in North America, but it is a leading cause of climate change globally. We hate climate change. 

Procter & Gamble

For Earth Day this year, P&G have launched a campaign to reinforce their commitment to becoming carbon neutral this decade. 

Why we love it: P&G is partnering with Conservation International and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to identify and fund a range of projects designed to protect, improve and restore critical ecosystems like forests. We love forests. 

Carl’s Jr. 

In celebration of this year’s Earth Day, Carl’s Jr. has partnered with Beyond Meat for the fast-food chain’s first-ever plant-based meat menu and plans to give away free plant-based burgers at one of its Los Angeles locations.

Why we love it: Livestock agriculture is one of the leading causes of carbon emissions and deforestation globally. We love free burgers, but we love forests and clean air more. 

Tyrone Williams
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Forest Champion Spotlight | Tyrone Williams

As a 3rd generation North Carolina landowner, Tyrone Williams opens up about the importance of keeping forests as forests and passing on his responsibility to future generations.

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