Rethinking Our Carbon Future

Forests are part of the solution.

From recyclable and biodegradable products that reduce waste to renewable energy and fuels from biomass, carbon is an increasingly complex issue that will continue to shape all parts of the forestry sector.

By strengthening the connection between forests and forest products and the roles they play in society, the #forestproud community are the stewards and innovators who can provide the solutions that will help to rethink what our carbon future looks like.

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The Importance of Forests in Mitigating Climate Change


Forests and forest products capture almost 15% of our carbon emissions each year. Learn more about the importance of forests in mitigating climate change.

Image of brush on fire

Fast Facts | Wildfire + Climate Change

Climate change has caused variations and unpredictability in weather patterns, leading to drought, an increase in flammable woody fuel, and changes in plant composition. Fire season is longer than ever, reaching 300 days in parts of the country.

Image of fire burning among trees

Fast Facts | Wildfire + Healthy Forests

Fire is a natural process and necessary to the health of many forests.

Image of a Wildfire

Fast Facts | Wildfire Rehabilitation

Forests can recover naturally after a wildfire but sometimes they need a little help.


Reimagine. Rethink. Reconnect.


“Every generation has a big question that they have to answer. I think, fundamentally, our generation has to answer ‘what is our carbon future going to look like?'”

Image of Biomass group

Biomass Through Generations

In 2016, Menominee Tribal Enterprises, the business arm of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, completed a biomass-fueled district combined heat and power (CHP) project in an attempt to create energy independence, and reduce carbon footprint and air emissions.