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The Partnership + The Platform.

Forests provide powerful climate solutions. And forest management is how we deliver them. The North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) is the most diverse coalition aligned to tell the whole story of North America’s forests.

Our Mission + Vision.

Our mission is to build awareness and support for keeping forests as forests to address a multitude of environmental and societal challenges, with a particular focus on fighting climate change.

Our vision is a world where future generations understand, appreciate, and value forests and all the products and benefits they provide, and are committed to protecting, conserving, and keeping them as forests to continue to provide these environmental, societal, and climate solutions.

Via #forestproud, we create and share a consistent supply of original content designed to build trust and support for, and pride in, the forest sector as a natural climate solution. NAFP members inform and subscribe to this content to:

  1. build pride in their employees, making them more effective & vocal ambassadors of our role;
  2. attract new and diverse talent to our workforce to address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges;
  3. communicate the sector's relevance and role in addressing a changing climate and the needs of today AND tomorrow.

We're passionate about keeping forests as forests. We know you are too.

We want to learn more about you, your priorities and how we might collaborate with you to help you reach out to and engage key audiences and tell your story.

The Member Acceptance Policy of NAFP reflects the spirit of openness and diversity underlying the vision of the Partnership. NAFP aims to inspire and amplify critical and transformative conversations, and to build a membership that reflects the scope and scale of the North American forest sector.

A member of NAFP will:

  1. Be affiliated with and active in the Forest Sector;
  2. Agree to commit financially to NAFP;
  3. Agree to be publicly identified as a member organization in NAFP materials;
  4. Agree with and support NAFP's mission;
  5. Commit to supporting NAFP's vision and strategic path; and
  6. Comply with the relevant policies on NAFP platforms.

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