We are #forestproud.

We are hikers, hunters, researchers, foresters, students and professionals. We work at family businesses, forest product companies, conservation and recreation organizations, universities and government agencies. 

We are a diverse community of forest stewards responsible for shaping the future of North America’s forests. We value the renewable products and benefits they provide us and are committed to making choices that keep forests as forests.  

We are the forest sector. We are #forestproud. Join us.  

We often think and talk about forests as if they were all the same. But with more than 800 species, over a billion forested acres, and millions of people working in and around forests. Get to know North America's forests from the ground up.

Drink Up

All forests are managed. Some forests are managed for permanent protection, like our national parks, while others are managed for benefits like wildlife restoration, climate stabilization, and forest products. Explore how North America’s forests are being managed with different tools and strategies to help us solve big societal challenges.

The #forestproud community is a diverse group united by a shared ethic of forest stewardship and a commitment to making choices that keep forests as forests. Get to know their journey into the forest sector, the roles they play, and the work they are doing to shape and protect the future of North America’s forests.

Our Community

#forestproud is made possible by over 100 member organizations who are passionate about the future of our forests. We believe that our passion needs a voice. A place where the many diverse interests that share our values can come together and start a conversation.