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Fast Facts | Wildfire + Climate Change

Climate change is making weather patterns more unpredictable and causing more droughts, which means there is more flammable materials in our forests. Hotter, drier, forests means more fires AND more intense wildfires. In fact, wildfire seasons is getting longer every year, sometimes by as much as 40-60 days each year. In Florida, fire season in now all year.

We need to make smart decisions about the future of forests to keep people and property safe by adjusting to the realities of climate change, and by better incorporating the natural cycle of wildfire into our landscapes and communities.

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Reconnecting People and Forests
Carbon + Climate Change, Fire, Forest Management, People

Living with Fire

In today’s environment of frequent fires and limited public funds, solutions are forged at the collaborative table. Living with fire means learning to work together both as a collaborative and as a community.

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