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image of a valley

08 – National Forest Foundation | Strange Bedfellows

A closer look at partnerships as a forest management tool.

Image of fallen tree on fire in the middle of the woods

07: Okanogan Conservation District | Earth. Air. Water. Fire.

We explore both the positive and negative effects of fire on our soil, air, and water.

Image of man looking at wildfire

05: Florida Forest Service | Playing with Fire

We take a look at the politics of fighting wildfire and how state agencies and other organizations are pooling resources and coordinating strategies. 

Image of summer camp teenage girl counting tree rings while hiking in forest.

04: University of British Columbia | Ashes to Ashes

We explore what recovery after a wildfire looks like and how reading between the lines of tree rings reveals the secrets of forest health. We also look at how forests and communities bounce back after wildfire events, with a particular focus on using forest management strategies to restore fire-resilient landscapes and build fire-adapted communities.

Image of Butts Fire in Pope Valley over shadows the vineyards and winerys of Californias Napa Valley

03: Sonoma State University | Grapes Of Wrath

We take a closer look at tourism in an age of wildfire. We explore the impact wildfire is having on the wine industry in California looking at everything from the taste of the wine to potential economic impacts.

Image of deer hidden in trees

02: Quality Deer Management Association

We talk all things fire and wildlife, looking specifically at how controlled burns improve habitat for deer, are helping to prevent magafires, and are keeping our forests healthy.