Reconnecting People and Forests
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Reimagine. Rethink. Reconnect.

Rising to the Challenge.

"Every generation has a big question that they have to answer. I think, fundamentally, our generation has to answer 'what is our carbon future going to look like?'"

#forestproud is a diverse community united by a shared ethic of forest stewardship. Together, we are committed to solving key societal challenges by making choices that keep forest as forests.

With a rapidly urbanizing population comes a new set of challenges for society. Challenges that include: an increase in pollution and waste; increasing demands on aging infrastructure; growing demand for affordable (vertical) housing; and a pressing need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and non-renewable materials. We can seize the initiative and work together as a community of innovators, problem-solvers, and responsible stewards, providing scalable solutions to some of today’s most pressing urban challenges through forests.

Reimagining Cities Illustration
Reimagining Our Cities
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FORESTS: Reimagining Our Cities

For the first time in history, more than 50 percent of the world’s population lives in a city.

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