Reimagining Our Cities
Mass Timber

Forest Champion Spotlight | Susan Jones

Heroic strength. Unflappable bravery. A commitment to doing what's right against impossible odds. Wearing a cape.
This is what it takes to be a Climate Champion. Right?

We'll be honest, designing buildings didn't initially make our shortlist. That is until we met Susan Jones.

In 2003, Susan Jones founded her own firm - atelierjones llc - with the idea of using natural materials and the latest technology to build beautiful spaces. Spaces that are anchored in sustainability. Spaces that serve a larger environmental purpose. Spaces that give back to nature as much - if not more - than they take.

Recognized nationally and internationally for her work, Susan Jones designed some of the first Mass Timber buildings in the U.S. - including her own home. Today, she and her team continue to pave the way for Mass Timber in North America by showing the world that there is no reason a building can't also be a climate change solution.

When you look at it like that, it's hard to see Susan Jones as anything but a Guardian.


Michael Green, Architect
Reimagining Our Cities
Mass Timber

Forest Champion Spotlight | Michael Green

Cities have long been labs for innovation. And thankfully, cities have an ace up their sleeve: forests. Meet Michael Green, pioneer and architect.

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