Reimagining Our Cities
Mass Timber

GUARDIANS | Michael Green

Building the skylines of the future

As our cities continue to grow, so do the challenges they face: increased pollution and waste; increased demands on aging infrastructure; a growing need for affordable housing; a widening socio-economic gap; and a changing climate that sees the costs for clean air, water, and more continue to rise.

Cities have long been labs for innovation. So, while these challenges continue to stack and increase in complexity, they also represent one of the most compelling opportunities in a generation to reimagine the way society lives, works, and plays --moving our cities from climate problems, to climate solutions.

And thankfully, cities have an ace up their sleeve: forests.

Image of wood construction
Reimagining Our Cities
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MASS TIMBER | Kyle Freres, Freres Lumber Co.

For more than 90 years, the Freres family has been a steward of Oregon’s forests.

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