Ambassador Program

Via #forestproud, we're continually building a platform, a community, and a movement dedicated to forest climate solutions. As we unite and amplify the voices of passionate professionals in the forest sector, we're always looking for digitally savvy forest friends to join us and showcase their role in supporting, stewarding, and growing forest climate solutions as #forestproud Ambassadors. Help us keep the conversation going on the important role forests and forest products play when it comes to the future of our climate.

Who It's For

Whether you're just getting to know us or you're already proud to rep #forestproud, there's room in our community for all forest friends. If you're ready to level up even further, here's how you can:

We're looking for individuals who love forests, are proud of how your role helps support forest climate solutions, and who have an active social media presence. If that sounds like you, you sound like us and could be a great fit for the program.

How It Works

As a community united by social media through a hashtag, tagging us into your networks makes our mission louder. As an Ambassador, we'll ask you to engage with #forestproud on Instagram and Twitter by:

  • Tagging #forestproud in your social media posts
  • Including #forestproud in your social media bios
  • Reposting #forestproud content to your audiences
  • Sharing your role in advancing forest climate solutions
  • Posting swag selfies with your oh-so-fresh, Ambassador-exclusive #forestproud merch!

What You Get

We've structured the program so when you win, we win. Want specifics? Here's what you'll get as an Ambassador:

  • Exclusive #forestproud merch and sticker packs
  • Opportunities to network and forge connections across the sector
  • Access to #forestproud's diverse, wide-ranging social media audience
  • And more!
Featured Ambassador

Lacey Rose

Check out Lacey's day-to-day as a professional forester.
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Who we are

Our Mission: To Build Awareness and Support for Forest Climate Solutions.

We promote and support forest climate solutions. From planting, managing, and conserving forests, to the innovative products and materials that are sustainably sourced from them, we highlight the critical role forests, forest management, and forest products play in the future of our climate.

What are Forest Climate Solutions?

Forests provide incredible benefits: clean air, clean water, habitat for wildlife, carbon sequestration. When sourced sustainably and produced responsibly, the materials and products forests provide can have a similar impact, offering renewable, recyclable, carbon-positive alternatives to non-renewable materials. Collectively, these are forest climate solutions. Products, programs, and initiatives that provide innovative solutions AND healthy, resilient forests.

We Believe:

  • Forests provide powerful climate solutions.
  • Forest management is how we deliver those solutions.
  • Forest markets and products are how we sustain those solutions.

Calling All Ambassadors!

Interested in becoming a #forestproud Ambassador? If you're passionate about forests and want to learn more, let's talk!
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