Reconnecting People and Forests

Reshaping perceptions for generations to come.

Forests and forest products make a large and diverse contribution to people’s everyday lives. As populations change and adapt over time, so do forests. As #forestproud community members, it’s our responsibility to be part of the solution to sustain and improve the health of our environment.

When reconnecting people and forests, a stronger relationship is made between essential forest benefits and products and those that use them everyday.

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Explore How Paper Is Made

Meet the Paper Machine! As long as a football field, this machine is just one of many processes, machines, and people working behind the scenes at Georgia Pacific to create paper and packaging products used in our daily lives.

Smokejumpers on the Tarmac


For a look at what it takes to put it all on the line to protect our forests and keep our communities safe, hear from Naomi Mills, a smokejumper with the USDA Forest Service.

image of title of podcast with man walking in the woods

13: TJ Struhs + Rae Tamblyn | Getting to Know #forestproud

In this episode, we explore exactly what that means for our team and our community with TJ Struhs and Rae Tamblyn.

image of ripples in a body of blue water

Drink Up

Focus on soils. Learn how forests help keep our water clean on a Forest Fast Break.

Image of deer hidden in trees

02: Quality Deer Management Association

We talk all things fire and wildlife, looking specifically at how controlled burns improve habitat for deer, are helping to prevent magafires, and are keeping our forests healthy.

image of a valley

08 – National Forest Foundation | Strange Bedfellows

A closer look at partnerships as a forest management tool.