Reconnecting People and Forests

Reshaping perceptions for generations to come.

Forests and forest products make a large and diverse contribution to people’s everyday lives. As populations change and adapt over time, so do forests. As #forestproud community members, it’s our responsibility to be part of the solution to sustain and improve the health of our environment.

When reconnecting people and forests, a stronger relationship is made between essential forest benefits and products and those that use them everyday.

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Image of brush on fire

Living with Fire

In today’s environment of frequent fires and limited public funds, solutions are forged at the collaborative table. Living with fire means learning to work together both as a collaborative and as a community.

Image of green tree tops with green backdrop

12: Colin Moseley | Five Generations Of Stewardship

We explore the many different ways that trees and forests are managed to produce different benefits and outcomes, the amazing range of forest products are sourced from one tree, and the extraordinary timeline over which forest owners and foresters address questions of forest health.

Image of fallen tree on fire in the middle of the woods

07: Okanogan Conservation District | Earth. Air. Water. Fire.

We explore both the positive and negative effects of fire on our soil, air, and water.

Image of forests from aerial perspective

FORESTS IN FOCUS | Central Oregon

New video showcases people working together in Central Oregon to restore forests and build markets.

Image of fire burning among trees

Restoration in a Fire Forest: The Benefits of Burning

The Northwest Fire Science Consortium’s new video showcases the role of prescribed fire.

Image of green ferns

11: Katie Fernholz | From Farm to Forest

The beautiful greens of native basswood trees in northern Minnesota’s forests first drew Katie Fernholz into the woods from her family’s organic farm, and the world of forestry.